Up First Show NEAT Fleet

Here are some pictures and pages from various R/C shows that I have attended.

September 2006 NEAT Fair

Team FMA at the 2006 NEAT Fair poses next to my 6000 watt 33% Edge 540

(Ron McGrath (left), Paul Weigand, Dan Eygabroad (standing), Lynn Bowerman, Greg Covey, and Team JR pilot; Devin McGrath)

August 2003

June 2003

Graupner Extra 300S, ShowFlyer, Monocoupe, and .30-size Extra 300S

July 2002

bulletAstro Flight 625G powered Extra 300S (30-size)
bulletMaxCim powered Hacker Arrow 3D (60-size)
bulletE3D powered Balsa USA Taube 40

A quick look inside my R/C hangar reveals what a true obsession it has become!

My R/C "hobby" continues to grow with a new 8' wide by 12' long Kristi snowmobile trailer to fit all my glow conversion planes. I am converting it to hold my planes, wings, and equipment without bouncing around.