First Person Visual (FPV)

Skywalker FPV

Here is my Skywalker FPV system. Although I am an experienced Electrical Engineer, RF Engineer, and electric R/C enthusaist, I am relatively new to FPV. When I started to investigate this aspect of R/C, I got the FPV bug.

When I test flew the Skywalker, I replaced the video transmitter and camera with some lead weights to keep the components safe until I was ready for them. This allowed me to keep the plane fully loaded and balanced around 30mm behind the servo leads.

Although the plane flew great, my Jeti 40-amp ESC would shut down from over temperature. Even though I had made some air flow through the wing bay, it wasn't enough to keep the ESC cool. I will likely re-mount the ESC outside the plane in the direct air flow.

The Skywalker glides nicely without any power...

I've been playing with my Skywalker FPV plane last summer testing the On-Screen Display (or OSD) and FMA Co-pilot. I made a video near Canandaigua Lake in the Finger Lakes of Upstate NY. The two planes flying below me were my buddy Lynn's 1/3 scale Cub and Jeff's Easystar with a GoPro attached. The video is crude by most FPV standards as there is a considerable learning curve and I am just a newbie. I made a quick sun block from a $5 Elmers Poster Board for my LCD display. FPV flying can be an addicting aspect of our hobby!

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