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Aerosound R/C is the sole distributor of the exceptional Benedini R/C aircraft sound systems for the U.S.A. and Canada. These sound systems, perfected by Thomas Benedini of Germany, are truly remarkable. Many installations in electric powered aircraft have already been done, and I have added the TBS Micro Soundmodule to my Hangar 9 1.50-size P-51D for an incredible scale effect.

A Benedini sound system will make the difference between just another model and a model that looks and sounds like a real aircraft. The TBS Micro digital sound units reproduce original recorded engine sounds at a 22.050KHz sample rate for the highest sound quality. The engine range covers starting, engine idle, acceleration, speed dependent engine sound, returning to idle and engine shut down. With many types of engine recordings to choose from you can now add realistic sound to any R/C aircraft.

Two powerful amplifiers are available to give an incredible volume level in a wide range of applications. Imagine the rumble of a Rolls-Royce V-12 Merlin engine as you taxi out to the runway or hearing the Doppler effect on a fast flyby.

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The eDVR makes taking aerial photos or even video as easy as pressing a button. The built-in USB connector allows easy transfer of photos, video, or even a live Web cam image directly into your PC. One button sets the mode and the SNAP button starts the action!

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The world's most powerful Lithium Polymer battery packs are now fully supported and distributed in the USA. FlightPower USA, Inc. was established to provide technical and warranty support, 50% Crash Coverage, event support, and, support for Team FlightPower USA.

FlightPower USA Inc represents a solid show of commitment to North American customers, retailers and distributors of FlightPower products. FlightPower Lithium Polymer packs and support products are distributed by Great Planes so they are available at your local hobby shop or through Tower Hobbies.

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The Beginner Combo R/C Sky Diver from R/C is one of many products and combo packages that include a complete sky diving setup except for the radio gear.

The Beginner Package includes:

bulletA complete New Generation 16" Tall, 3lb Jumper
bulletA Beginner Parachute
bulletA Tri-color Jumpsuit

The Beginner Combo skydiver package is designed for someone who wants to get into skydiving at an affordable cost but not sacrifice performance. The Beginner Combo uses a braided nylon rigged parachute with a stationary slider, a tri-color jumpsuit, and a complete New Generation Jumper capable of freefalling. This diver handles up to 10 mph winds well and is a good start to your skydiving experience. The parachute comes fully rigged with a complete packing guide.

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The Digital Power Recorder (DPR) is a powerful, lightweight, compact and affordable module for tracking and recording all the vital data you need to know while running your electric-powered R/C airplane, boat, or car. It tracks and records the actual in-use performance data of your electric setup, which can then be downloaded to a computer via the supplied USB interface to graph all the recorded data.

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The Ultrafly Brushless B/06 series of brushless outrunner motors requires a brushless ESC and is precision CNC tooled with hi-quality materials which allows the motor to operate at higher RPM without vibrations. Ultrafly brushless motors have a one year limited warranty from the date of purchase.

My review and test of the new Ultrafly Model B/06/10 Brushless Motor will be using the SuperFly Electric Wing as a host for the upgrade from its stock geared Speed 300 brushed power system.

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The new 6-channel 6EX series of radio systems from Futaba bridges the gap between a basic radio for starting out and all the functions that a more experienced pilot wants later. It�s so easy to program, anyone can do it. Futaba 6EX radios have safety features such as Fail Safe, Throttle Cut and audible alarms provide levels of protection as you gain confidence in your flying skills. You can store memories for up to six models, with four-character naming.

If you�re into airplanes, the 6EXA Super is your system. It has adjustable mixing rate and direction for V-tail and elevon, adjustable flaperon rates and much more.

If you are a helicopter pilot, take a look at the 6EXH. Among its many features is 5-point adjustment with 2 curves on both Throttle and Pitch, multiple swash plate styles and rate selection on both gyro and revo mixing. Both radios are available on FM or PCM, with transmitter batteries and charger included. So whether you�re contemplating a radio for your first trainer or looking to pilot a daring aerobat or collective-pitch heli, the Futaba 6EX is the system that keeps pace with you while you�re moving up.

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The long winter indoor flying season in upstate NY was concluded with an incredible indoor flying event on March 19th in Rochester, NY that combined many local R/C clubs and attracted several prominent sponsors. The Rochester Institute of Technology (R.I.T.) hosted the event in their brand new 60,000 sq. ft. Gordon Field House and Activities Center.

The AMA-sanctioned R.I.T. Indoor Flying Festival was attended by over 200 people and had 45 registered flyers with three scheduled demonstrations. My event report will include the festival details and some surprising new trends emerging in the world of indoor R/C flying.

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The new "Watt's Up" RC battery Watt meter from RC Electronics measures and calculates all the electrical parameters you need to get high performance from your R/C cars or planes. It is an essential tool for increasing the performance and safety of your electric-powered R/C model. With the best balance of specifications and features on the market, you can stop guessing and start knowing "Watt's Up" with your performance!

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What in the world will I use a Temp Gun for?

Pro Exotics Infrared Temp Guns have a million different uses. For the R/C car hobby, your hot uses would be engine temps, tire temps, and track temps. Electric motors can also be measured for maintaining R/C car and airplane performance. Nothing gives you the immediate feedback and reliable accuracy of an Infrared temp gun, and the Pro Exotics Temp Gun is the smallest, handiest, most affordable gun available!

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FMA Direct has introduced a new line of LV (low voltage) products that can operate on a single Lithium cell or with 3 to 5 NiCd cells. The M5LV Receiver operates on as little as 2.7V, but it's a full-fledged five channel, dual conversion unit � so you can fly anywhere, anytime without concern about RF interference or limited range.

Couple the M5LV receiver with the low voltage Super 9LV Speed Controller and you have the best interference rejection single cell system that the industry has to offer. The Super 9LV operates on 2.5 to 8.0V with 3V low voltage cutoff to prevent over-discharging cells. End point adjustment gives you full throttle stick travel, and with no brake the Super 9LV is ideal for electric helicopters. It's available with 1.25mm or standard J-type connectors. D.I.P. switches are provided to change the throttle End Point Adjustment (EPA) and to disable the Low Voltage Cutoff (LVC).

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The new E-Sky Honey Bee from Hobby Lobby is an mini electric helicopter meant for indoor flying or outdoor flying in no wind conditions. You might ask yourself why is a guy like me with no helicopter experience reviewing this model? Well, for one, E-Sky claims that it is good for a beginner wanting to learn how to fly, and, it comes complete Ready-To-Fly (RTF) right out of the box with a handy carrying case, transmitter, battery, and charger. We'll be testing out just how much experience is needed to stay in the air.

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Plettenberg Freestyle XL

Motor: Plettenberg Freestyle XL
Magnets: n/a
Polls:  14
Rm: 43 mohm
Kv: 870 RPM
Io: 1.25amps
Max. I: 25-30amps at 83%-80% efficiency
Cells: 8-12 cells
Max. E:  86% efficiency at 20-25amps
Input Pwr:  350 Watts
 Gearing: None
 Shaft: 5mm
 Props: 10" - 13" props
 Weight: 140g (4.9oz)
 Diameter: 44mm (1.75")
Length:  34mm (1.34") excluding shaft
Available From: Icare Sailplanes and Electrics

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Plettenberg Freestyle 24, and Shulze Future 11.20e

Motor Plettenberg Freestyle 24
Magnets n/a
Resistance n/a
Kv n/a
Io n/a
Max. Cont. Current n/a
Cell Count 6 - 10 cells
Length 54.5 mm (2.15 in.)
Diameter 35.2 mm (1.39 in.)
Weight 2.65oz (75g)
Motor Shaft built-in prop adapter
Gearing None
Cells Tested 8x1100mAh HE cells
Prop Tested APC 9x6 Slo Flyer
Controller Schulze Future 11.20e
Type Programmable brushless sensor or sensorless
Max Current 20amps continuous, 26amps surge
Weight 0.7oz with wires
Size 1.6" x 1.0" x 3/8"
Cell Count 6-11 cells
BEC 5v @ 2amps
Available From: Icare Sailplanes and Electrics

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A smoke system for glow or electrics? You bet! My .60-size Graupner ShowFlyer 3D model airplane not only runs on quiet and clean electric power, it also has a remotely-activated smoke system that is safe to use. For my full review on the RC Smoke system, go here.


The FS5, 5-channel Flight System receiver package represents the leading edge in safe, reliable radio controlled equipment. Equipped with new DSR technology and free Viewer Software, the FS5 receiver protects your aircraft during every phase of the flight!

The increased safety provided from the FS5 DSR features through exceptional interference rejection, frame error correction, and automatic pre-set or failsafe positioning of the servos gives me the confidence to fly my fastest and most precious planes at any R/C event.

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