Up Adirondack Trip

E-flite J3 Cub 25 ARF

The E-flite J-3 Cub 25 ARF from Horizon Hobby has great scale appearance and performance which include scale ailerons. The ARF model is built from quality balsa and light ply construction making for a sturdy, lightweight airframe that handles incredibly well in most any flying situation. The firewall is set up for use with an outrunner motor, such as E-flite?s Power 25, making a perfect power match for the airframe. Optional floats add a new dimension to the scale flying experience, and the one-piece wing allows for easy transportation to and from virtually any flying field, pond or lake. The model can be flown with either a 10-cell NiCd/NiMH pack or 3-cell Lithium pack.

For my complete conversion review on the J3 Cub 25, go here.


Kyosho Ferias on Floats:

I bought a set of Wingo floats on sale at Hobby Lobby and they were a perfect fit for the Ferias. Using the stock Ferias landing gear with the wheels removed, I made minor modifications to mount the rear brace and added landing strength with carbon "Fireline" fishing line. My original "Fun" Ferias wing was replaced with the outer thirds of an old H.O.B. Two Tee sailplane. The new 50" wing gave my Ferias more lift and made it less prone to stalling on takeoffs.

Ferias with Floats1_thumb.JPG (6537 bytes) Ferias with Floats2_thumb.JPG (6568 bytes) Ferias with Floats3_thumb.JPG (7377 bytes)

No power and full power shots showing the float "stepping" action for takeoff

After failing to takeoff from water using the stock geared Speed 400 power system, I decided to upgrade to a geared Cobalt 400 system. Here is the final power system that works very well for water takeoffs:


bulletKyosho Ferias
bulletWingspan = 50" (modified)
bulletRTF @ ?? oz.
bulletCobalt 400 motor (4014)
bullet Cermark Ball-bearing 3:1 gearbox (CEM-400GR)
bulletGreat Planes Electrifly C-30 ESC
bulletMAS black 10x7 carbon prop
bulletx.x amps @ xxx RPMs with 8-cells of CP1300 NiCd

Aventura II Flying Boat:

I just started working on my Aventura II Flying Boat from Hobby Lobby. Stay tuned for some updates!

 AventuraBlueSmall.jpg (14472 bytes) Aventura1_thumb.JPG (5391 bytes)

My Aventura hull and tiny COX Viper conversion

Aventura_Finished1_thumb.JPG (7467 bytes)

Inside, I'm using HS-81 servos, Hitec 555 receiver, 8-cells of CP1300SCR

Aventura_Finished2_thumb.JPG (3610 bytes) Aventura_Finished3_thumb.JPG (3444 bytes)

Outside, I'm using a Permax 450 Turbo motor and a white AeroNaut 6.5x4 fiberglass prop

  I plan to hand launch my first flights and belly land in grass. Later this Winter, I can takeoff from the snow with my wing floats. The flying boat probably won't see any water until next year's boating season...which for me starts in June!

I managed to test fly my Aventura II today (12/2/01) in about 10-15mph winds.

My buddy hand launched it for me and it took off with plenty of authority. After a little trimming, I was flying pretty well in the windy conditions. The rudder had excellent control and the ship seemed fairly stabile. I guess that this is the advantage of a flying boat over a float plane.

One notable characteristic was the noise level from the motor resonating through the fiberglass hull. It was distinctly louder than most of my planes.

Flight time seemed very good, but, due to the wind, I decided to position it for landing well before my CP1300SCRs were drained.

It landed smootly and skid a short distance in the grass before stopping.

I should have plenty of fun with this design in the snow this Winter.